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The Asylum
The Asylum - Admission Terms and Rules

Welcome to the Asylum Admission Terms and Rules. Please take the time to read each this carefully, as once you agree to the below, you will be held to your agreement by the staff.

1. Each new patient should make sure they have read through the reception forum and posted an introduction in the admissions forum, preferrably within 7 days of entering the asylum. This is so the staff know that you wish to be an active and friendly patient.

2. Now we know insane people cant help themselves a lot of the time, but if the staff come across any posts that they deem to be aggressive, abusive, offensive personal attacks on another patient, they will be removed without question and the offending patient will incur a warning. Please avoid acting like children when on the asylum, we are a site for 18's and over, lets act like it.

3. Spam, both the food and the unsolicitated advertising, is not tolerated anywhere within the asylum. Offending patients will incur a warning to a ban, depending on the severity of the Spam. Staff want to make sure you get the right treatment, and get better, not have to ban you from it.

4. Posting of personal details is strictly prohibited. Please do not share emails, msn's, telephone numbers, mobiles, addresses and any other such information on the public forums. You can do so by pm if you wish, but always be careful whom you give your personal information to.

Some suggestions on how to become a valued patient at the asylum:
  • Before you post anything at all, whenever you are on the forums, always try to think about whom else is using the forum, and if you would like to read what you are about to post. Please be considerate of other members.
  • Take time to think about the 'tone' of your posts. The emoticons/smileys are there for patients to use to help convey how they are meaning the words they are posting. Please do make proper use of them.
  • It is natural that there will be disagreements between patients sometimes, possibly even patients and staff. Please do try to ignore rather than argue or join in an arguement. Again, act like adults, not like school children please.

Thank you for reading, please be aware that these terms and rules will be updated from time to time, though staff will endevour to inform all patients when this happens.

By clicking to agree to abide by these terms and rules, you also agree that the staff of the asylum may move, edit or delete any of your posts at any time, though they will endevour to let you know the reason why and appeals may be made. You agree that the staff can ban or remove your account, within good enough reason, although you would be welcome to appeal should you wish to.

If you are happy with all of the above please agree to your admission. If you are unable to meet our terms and rules, because you have a problem with them, feel free to contact the head psychiatrist HERE. We look forward to treating you soon!